Planting by the moon

No I don’t mean that you have to don your wellies in the dark but there is a big movement that believes that planting in tune with the lunar cycle has a real benefit on what you grow. I’ve been testing it out and although not entirely scientific (in fact my evidence is not at all scientific but don’t tell) there does seem to be something in it.

Mature fruit trees add real impact to this Rutland garden

With this in mind today was the day to plant fruit trees. Does anyone need an excuse really? Think of all that luscious fruit in the years to come. My favorites are espalier trees as they make it so easy to pick fruit once the tree is mature and take up so little space. I have a desire for a goblet pear tree, maybe when the new garden is on the drawing board I will find space to fit one in. Until then perhaps a step over apple will have to do.