There’s a vet in me somewhere!

This week I have been on a high.

I arranged to meet a shepherd in rather a panic as I was already past my deadline on an article I was due to write for Stamford Living. I’ve just started writing a new monthly series on living the good life.  This is how the magazine described the new series: I’m not sure Alison would say she lives the good life, although she gave up a high profile corporate job when she had her daughter and later started her garden and interior design business.  But I do know it would take a lot to get her to go back into corporate life. Over the coming months she’ll meet with other local people who have turned to an alternative way of making an income.

For over 10 years I’ve lived in Lincolnshire, and now Rutland, and have met some wonderful people who have had many and varied careers and then given it all up to follow a passion. In my new series I’m hoping to introduce some of them.

The second in my series was a meeting with Jamie Wild from Red Hill Farm, near Barrowden in Rutland.

I'll never make a wildlife photographer

He showed me around and I even saw a lamb being born which was magical. I was chilled to the bone, despite my thermals (well a girls got to do,what a girls got to do!), when he casually threw into the conversation that I could deliver the next lamb. Well that wasn’t in my plan. Am I squeamish? I’ve never really had an opportunity to find out, but I was about to. So before I knew it I was taking off my jewellery and doing my thing. I’ll spare you the details, needless to say soap and water were required! But oh I came away with such a buzz. My little lamb was a darling thing and as I left was bonding with mother and big sister and all were doing well. Will I still eat lamb? Definitely if it’s from Red Hill Farm.

Terrible quality photo but you didn't want to see the gore did you!