Your interior style

It is often the small things in a home that make the biggest impact. One of the things I love to do when working with a client on their home or garden is to discover the history and stories around their furniture and accessories. Everyone has a past and it is this which gives their lives interest. Some people collect pebbles or shells but they never trained as geologists while others collect glass scent bottles yet never wear perfume. These pieces all have a story, and together with the colour of the walls, the textures of the fabrics and the furnishings, bring a room to life.

Create impact on your dining table

A dining table can form the focal point in a room

Although I have a set of rules which I know will work to bring a colour scheme for a house together, I try not to impose my own personal style onto a client, after all they have to live with the rooms I have helped them create long after I have finished decorating and hung the window dressings. That is why I think it is important for a designer to get a full understanding of how a client will use a room and how it can best be decorated to suit their lifestyle. Living with and displaying prized possessions or antiques should be as important to the designer as it is the client.

While it might seem like a nice idea to be able to throw all your furniture and window dressings away every few years and start again, for most of us this is impractical and from an environmental point of view unsustainable. I would much rather work with a few interesting existing pieces and plan a room around them, often recovering or repainting furniture to ensure it fits. I also have a love of mixing contemporary styles and furnishings with antiques. For me this style of decorating allows the interior to reflect its owner’s life and loves.

Nottinghamshire bedroom

A stylish guest bedroom in this Nottinghamshire home

I don’t believe there is a secret to blending different styles within an interior, but you have to do it with confidence. There is no doubting that some of us are better at it than others but if you buy what you like you will invariably find somewhere to put it. We all tend to have one style which we buy into so work out what your style is, then work with the things you like and allow your style to grow from there. If you start by mixing small pieces of furniture and antiques, you can gradually work your way through a room. Try combining a traditional side table with a contemporary lamp and then pull the colour from the lamp into cushions or another accessory. And don’t be afraid of colour: it can dramatically change your home and your mood!

I believe that every space can be comfortable, relaxed and beautiful without you feeling pressured to be perfect.  I would love to help you achieve your beautiful home and garden. If I can help with a home or garden project please give me a call. Alison: 01572 747318 or 07973 843020.