How should I decorate my small room?

If you are at a loss as to how to decorate a small room in your house, read on. I have some simple tips which will help transform your interior space.

In a small room you need to concentrate on furniture placement and decorating.

Lift furniture off the floor to make rooms appear larger

It’s all about keeping good proportions within the room so lift things off the floor and create several heights: floor level; waist level and above your head, for a sense of depth. This is critical to ensure the space looks open and light.

Keep tidy!Clearing clutter always helps to make a room look larger. Make sure everything that is not decorating your room is stored away.

Co-ordinate colours in a small room to open up the space

In kitchens and living rooms use furniture with doors to hide the bits and pieces that do not add to your room’s relaxed feel. 

Think tall. Ensure curtains go to the floor, this draws the eye from the floor all the way to the ceiling and helps make a room taller.

Dress windows with roman blinds or curtains to the floor to add height to a small room

If you have a radiator under a window and don’t want to block heat in the winter use a double rail with curtains to draw and dress curtains to the floor, or opt for a roman blind and floor length curtains.

Less is more! Do not use small accessories or too many – a few larger pieces give balance and make the room volumes look taller and bigger.

Use light. Central lighting can take up too much space and create shadows around the edge of the room. Use up-lighters to create volume above eye level and add side lamps to create mood.

Mirror Mirror on the wall.  Mirrors add visual space and fools the eye into making a room feel light and larger. Place mirrors behind lamps for added reflections. And use reflective surfaces on furniture too – Venetian glass furniture has seen a revival in recent years and is now competitively priced.

Mirrors and good lighting help make a room appear larger

BIG or small furniture?Make sure your furniture doesn’t dwarf your room: think about its scale. One large piece can work well but if you clutter the room you will make it appear smaller. Try to choose pieces that don’t go right to the floor but are on legs or wall mounted to create added space. Allow for different heights in your furniture to work the floor level, waist level and above the head space too.

Use dainty pieces of furniture in small rooms to make the room appear more spacious

I believe that every space can be comfortable, relaxed and beautiful without you feeling pressured to be perfect.  I would love to help you achieve your beautiful home. If I can help with a home or garden project please give me a call. Alison: 01572 747318 or 07973843020.