Diary of a build and renovation project

We bought our 19thcentury cottage in Morcott, Rutland just over a year ago and work is just beginning on its transformation.

Day one of our build and rennovation project and the digger is on site

I have resisted the urge to rip down all the woodchip and expose the mould underneath and have wrestled with my desire to take a hacksaw to the ceiling to see if there really are supporting beams lurking underneath – gosh I hope so. But as of today we are living in a war zone! The builders are with us and anything that isn’t nailed down is fair game for change.

We are starting with an extension which will extend our existing kitchen and master bedroom and create a living kitchen downstairs and bedroom with ensuite and dressing area above. We are also adding a utility so that at last Willow, our black Labrador, will have a space for her bed and no longer have to sleep in the downstairs shower tray!

Our builder arrived bright and early at 8am this morning – just as he had

We've removed the face from our wall to reclaim the stone and work is about to begin

promised – a good start me thinks! He is working to reduce the levels outside and will then set about digging the footings. I took myself off to Glee, the trade show for Horticulturalists, for the day and came back to a garden 13 tonnes of soil and rubble lighter. He’s estimating we have another 13 tonnes to come out tomorrow and Wednesday too. But it’s so exciting. I already know what the layout of each room will be as I designed the extension and then, alongside our architect, we mapped it out so that the roof line worked and we made the most of the available space.  I know just what size the fridge and cooker have to be to work between the windows and just how large the bin can be to fit within the

Excavations for the curved retaining wall which forms part of the new terrace

new cupboard which will be where the existing kitchen radiator is. But all this is a long way off. Suddenly it all feels a lot closer to me and I’m so excited.

Join me on this journey as I create my blog to show you how we’re progressing. Or if you have a home or garden project and need some help or advice get in touch, I work countrywide on interior design and garden design projects. Tel: 01572 747318, 07973843020.