Rutland design, build and renovation project

What a beautiful day it has turned out after last night’s rain. Luckily the rain seemed to pass over Morcott in Rutland and our digging out has remained pretty dry which is fantastic news as the last thing we wanted was to be trailing mud around the site.

Digging out the footings in our design and build project

John, our digger man, was with us bright an early again and his skill with a digger is quite superb. I stood and watched as he used the huge bucket just as we would a pair of hands, gently teasing the spoil and rubble out of the ground and even managing to save some interesting shaped brown glass bottles. We unearthed a small branch of original stone wall and I failed to see how he was going to dig the fence post which was at the side of it out without disturbing it but he seemed so confident it could be done – and it was. The wall has a lovely stone coping which I’m going to incorporate into the garden design. I’m a real believer in not ripping everything out and starting again but in working with the narrative of the site to incorporate the old with the new. I have such visions for the finished result and am so excited to see it all coming into play.

A beautiful dry day to make good progress on digging out

After our rather trying incident with a small minded villager who had reported us to the local authority for fly tipping in the village, we are back on track. They had accused us of fly tipping by the village allotments as we were using an area of hard standing to stack soil and rubble before the garb lorry came to pick it up. We have been storing and disposing of 39 tonnes of soil and rubble a day using branded vehicles so we’d be pretty stupid if we were trying to pull off a stunt like fly tipping in our own village – and within 50m of our build! For us, it made so much more sense to use this hard standing are by a local farmer’s field, especially as he had already drilled the field for winter and was happy for us to do so.  In this way we weren’t blocking the road when the grab lorry was loading which we felt was a benefit to the village. Our complainer obviously didn’t feel that way – well you can’t please all the people all the time!

the skill of John, our digger driver, is amazing

Our footings go in tomorrow so we’ll have even more excitement. To follow our progress keep checking the blog or if you need some help or support with your own design or build project do get in touch. Tel: 01572 747318 or 07973843020. I work throughout Rutland, Stamford and Lincolnshire.