A beautiful day on our Rutland design, build and renovation project

We woke up to a beautiful Autumn morning today. The sun was streaming in through the window and, more importantly, our building works were bathed in light. The sun was sending patterns of light through the orange safety

Planning the garden design at our Rutland design, build and renovation project

A beautiful day on our design, build and renovation project

netting and this was bouncing off the concrete footings which were poured yesterday.

There I was with my camera getting all excited about the second delivery of concrete when I spotted our neighbours’ 3 year old son gazing at the works too – our faces had a similar look of excitement. Quite sad I know but after all the digging out it’s lovely to see the first pouring of concrete which will create the base from which our new home will be built.

Today’s task is to get the drainage channels in and all the pipe work connected. It’s so brilliant being on site as I can check the finer points as we go along so nothing should get missed. Design and build project RutlandIt now transpires we will have to have a man hole where I envisaged a section of nice paving leading into our new utility/boot room so I quickly stepped in to request a recessed drain which I can pave over so that it almost becomes invisible.

Concrete fills the footings on our Rutland design, build and renovation project

 It’s these little details which will make the difference between a good build and a brilliant build so it was great to be able to act before any decisions were made (and costs attached) to get what we want.

I showed the builders a potential water feature which we will be installing in the newly built retaining wall and they loved it.

A potential water feature to incorporate in the garden design

We’re already talking about how we’ll get the water pipes in and we’re no where near that stage yet but pre-planning is the to key success in my book.

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