Design, build and renovation in Rutland

What perfect day it has been today and yet so busy.  I knew what lay ahead so decided to walk the dog first thing. It was a lovely fresh morning as I crossed the fields and the sun was just peeping through the clouds.

Willow thinks a building site is a great place to relax

A sky lark serenaded me on my way and a group of finches hopped and skipped across the sky. Willow was on her best behaviour and after rousing a few sleepy pheasants from the long grass was quite content.

I got home and the builders were already on site. The block work for the block and beam floor is now all in place and this should be here by the end of the week.

The blocks stand ready for our retaining walls

We spent a bit of time setting out the steps which will lead into the garden from the back of the new terrace and then once the boys had a string line in they seemed to motor away with the block work retaining wall to the garden.

Peter and I went to look at another of Steve’s builds, this time in Empingham, where a lovely couple showed us around. It has really cemented our thoughts on what stone to use: we’re looking at Clipsham stone as it has a slightly browner tone and also contains some of the blues which the old part of the cottage has in it. Next we need to choose windows and then all the large building material decisions will have been made.

After my busy morning I dashed up to Grantham to finalise the signage on the cars with Viking Signs – we’ll have to keep them spotless now they have my name on their rears!

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