Building a curved garden wall

I was nearly blown away when walking the dog across the fields this afternoon. I feel very sorry for the roofers in the village who are re-roofing with Collyweston slate. It’s a beautiful material but I wouldn’t want to be up on the roof today.

The footings for our curved garden wall are in

Local stone slating traditions evolved from the slater’s response to the particular geology and climatic conditions of an area – it is highly regionalized  and local practice varies. Collyweston dates from the Jurassic period and is highly absorbent – I’ve seen roofs quite literally soak up the rain so that there is hardly any run off even when it is pouring down. Our new roof is clay tiles, which makes it much easier to source but we’re a long way from needing to do that!

The builders have been working on our garden wall this week.

The block work for our garden wall goes up

They are putting in the block work which will retain the bank and form the circle of lawn under our walnut tree. There was a bit of discussion about whether the circle could be scaled by eye but after a telephone conversation (I wasn’t on site) they realized I had already marked the centre of the circle and could form the radius quite easily.

The block works on the curved wall grows steadily

They have improvised a tool for marking the circumference of the circle with a string line, a 6ft level and a can of marker paint. It’s worked brilliantly and the circle they are building in block work looks lovely.

I have been finalizing the water feature and assessing the overall drop of the water to get the stream right. The higher we set the water feature in the wall the more the water will merge so that it is not an even sheet of water coming out of the cascade but a tapering stream. Ideally I want it to be as flat as possible which means having a larger pump than is completely necessary and being able to turn down the flow.

The curved wall leads in to the off-set wall for the water feature

I may just pop back out and re-measure before I recalculate (again!)

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