Progress on our design, build and renovation project

It has been a beautiful day in Morcott – it’s one of those days when the sun hangs low in the sky but still has some warmth. It’s one of those days when you want to enjoy your morning coffee on a bench in the garden rather than at your desk. It’s one of those days when dong office admin is a chore as you’d rather be digging in the garden!

A beautiful light illuminating the garden

It was also the day when the block and beam floor went into our new design, build and renovation project. We were hoping that this would happen hast week but a hold up at the factory meant that the beams didn’t arrive until yesterday so today has been a day if heaving for the builders.

We finished the retaining walls earlier in the week and all the pipe work is in for the water feature which will be a focal point on the new terrace. I found a great priced pig trough from CWG in Stamford and this will act as my reservoir for the water feature and should age nicely over time. I now need to finalise the garden lighting – it’s all in my head and is driving me mad. Once I’ve got the lighting plan onto paper I can breath more easily and won’t have to keep mulling it over! I’m thinking of lighting the water feature form below and the steps which lead in to the garden and then am mulling over a series of up lighters and down lighters to bathe the stone walls in light – it should be lovely.

Digging out for the garden steps

Creating the wall which will hold the stainless steel water feature

And they say girls have too many shoes, how many wheel barrows does a man need!

Hooray, the block and beams have arrived

First beams go in

And before we know it they’re all in – don’t think the builders felt like that, they weigh a tonne

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