Exciting times: our design, build and renovation project

It’s been a busy week both in the design business and on our design, build and renovation project here in Rutland. I’ve had furniture delivered for clients, taken two new client briefs and been working on site in a client garden. My merino wool thermals have had their first outing of the winter too – my goodness it was chilly if you were standing still on Thursday. It’s a good job we had lots to do in the garden and kept very warm.

Narcissus in a garden design for a Lincolnshire garden

The first batches of my bulbs have gone it to client gardens too – lots of Allium Purple Sensation, and Allium Christophii mixed with early flowering Narcissus Thalia, which as a fabulous scent, and Tulip Spring Green and Attila. The remainder of the  Narcissus will be naturalized within the front of the border for a great display next Spring.

Tulip attila in a garden design









Tulip Attila in a Rutland garden

                                                                                        Allium Purple Sensation in a                                                                                     design project in Lincolnshire

our design build and renovation project the stone has now arrived. Our road is rather tight for deliveries but Stamford Stone were great and off loaded effortlessly with a Moffett forklift which unbelievably weighs 3 1/2 tonnes! Not only could it negotiate the road easily but it’s front and back wheels turn independently so it can be facing straight ahead but crawl like a crab sideways – quite ingenious. I’m hopeful that the two boys next door managed to see it in operation from their kitchen window.

Using the Moffett forklift gear

I was rather pleased with the stone, we’re trying to complement the existing old stone on the original part of the house which dates to about 1820, and with the more modern (what I’d call walling stone) on the existing kitchen extension. We’re opted for cut on bed stone from Stamford Stone Company Ltd (www.stamfordstone.co.uk) which has some lovely honey tones but a little bit of blue/ grey too. It will blend quite well.


Stacks of our stone ready for laying

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