How do I make my home sell?

Having a good interior layout and good interior design is key to ensuring that your house is at the top of any potential buyer’s mind. We are all aware of the rule of keeping to a neutral colour scheme and to tidy up – but if you go too neutral you are at risk of making it bland and forgettable, too colourful and you risk putting potential buyers off.

Ensure a neautral interior has enough interest so that it isn’t bland

The colours of your walls are the single most important factor when presenting your home to potential buyers. People are generally not good at visualising the potential of a room. Even a single wall painted a bizarre colour can be a stumbling block so for most houses neutral colours are safest. However don’t shy away from creating some interest and style – just avoid too much drama! Try using wall paper with large bold prints but keep it to one wall and use a complimentary paint colour to pull it all together.

Use wallpaper ona feature wall tocreate a striking image which prospective purchasers will remember (for all the right reasons).

To make rooms appear larger paint skirting boards and woodwork the same colour. If you have the luxury of large rooms, painting skirting and architraves darker and walls lighter will make them less cavernous and more homely.

Add colour accents with paintings and soft furnishings. Scatter cushions and throws are a good way of harmonising a scheme. Your soft furnishings should all be in the same colour palette with different textures to add depth. You can also try adding pattern, but sparingly, and always in the same hues. If in doubt, leave it out.

If you know the layout of a room is currently unworkable then change it – even if this means you can’t use it for the purpose you originally planned it. The next potential owner may have a different use for it anyway.

Cluttered spaces scream ‘too small’ to potential buyers. Your furniture should be in proportion to the room size. A large sofa in a small cottage will dominate the room making buyers feel hemmed in. If you can’t change it, then covering it with a light coloured textured fabric will go a long way to reducing its impact. If you need more seating use small side chairs which will give the room a sense of space and practicality.

In a small room using small pieces of furniture which won’t overwhelm

Cleaning may not be your everyday priority but dirty, tatty kitchens and bathrooms are a big turn-off. A day spent spring cleaning is time well spent. Remember you are selling a lifestyle and no one wants to buy into a home that feels unloved and uncared for.

Unfortunately everyone’s taste differs, but when it comes to selling your house put aside your personal preferences. Remember less is more and minimise the number of decorative objects on display.

Don’t overlook lighting either. As we come into winter it is even more important and a few well placed lamps and warm shades in light bulbs can go a long way to brightening a home. 

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