Progress on our design, build and renovation project

Have you missed my updates, we weren’t here everyday over the half term break but thankfully our builders were so we are still making good progress. When I dropped into our neighbours on Friday evening they mentioned that the builders had been here at 8am every morning despite our absence which is a real joy.

We have a serious amount of block work up and a single course of some stone too which is looking good. It’s amazing how the dimensions keep changing as you build. To start with, the ground work looked enormous, then it shrank as we got the footings in and you could see the exact shape of the build. Then it grew again when the ground beams went in and now it seems to have shrunk again but I guess that is just because we are seeing the walls going up for the first time.

The block work walls

Today Lee has been concentrating on placing some lintels in to the utility so that should we need to move the ground beams in order to accommodate the new beam which the structural engineer is currently specifying we can.

The lintel in the utility

 It all seems like a lot of extra work for the underpinning of the garage which isn’t really taking much extra weight and which is on solid stone so isn’t going anywhere. But I guess it needs to be done.

Tomorrow they are looking forward to staring the stone work for the exterior walls. To be honest I’m looking forward to that too as it will then feel like we have a house being built!

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