New Year on our design build and renovation project

We are all back on site after the long holiday and things are progressing well. The roof structure is almost complete and the tiler begins work later this week. Almost all of the stone work is now complete and is looking beautiful. This low winter sun really off sets the stone and the pointing is so lovely - I simply want to stand and stare. I’ve realised that the space I had allocated for the bin store is just too beautiful for bins – it’s such a waste!

I’m also in love with the single story on the end of the kitchen dining room. This has created such a lovely space and once the roof lights are in I think it will be quite magical.

I’m still planning the kitchen and bathroom and must get on with it: it’s just that client work (which pays!) has taken priority! It’s all in my head and I must get it onto paper, if for no other reason than to free up some thinking space. I really could do with a Harry Potter pensieve. And one of the tents at the quiditch world cup would come in useful once the existing kitchen is out of use – as Harry says I do love magic!

Stonework at the side of the house where bins could be stored

The stonework and block work fit together for our roof

The structure of the roof

The roof structure

Looking down onto my curved wall

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