How to prepare a ‘first fix’ on a renovation project

It has been such a busy week on site. The builders have handed over to the plumbers and electricians this week and we are well ahead with our first fix on the electrics and plumbing. This usually happens after block work is up but before the walls are plaster boarded and plastered. In this way all the electrics and pipe work is hidden behind the plasterwork.


At this stage its really important to know exactly what lighting and power you need in each room. As a minimum I would put double sockets into the corners of each room but if you also know where you are putting your furniture you can think about where you might need power for a table lamp or sound system. Also if you are ever considering putting a flat screen TV on the wall get the electrics in now, you can always hide the sockets with a picture until you have the TV but putting the electrics in later can be a real pain.

Looking through the kitchen as first fix electrics go in


Our ensuite and dressing room has been quite a challenge as the ceiling slopes and getting a shower into a corner has been quite difficult. The room has been planned out using a cad system but to ensure we really do have the layout right I created  a cardboard cut out of the furniture. It was working quite well until James, our electrician, forgot it was cardboard and rested his clipboard on it and funnily enough it collapsed!

The cardboard bathroom in the new ensuite

If you can be quite clear at first fix stage what type of shower etc you are having then plumbing them in becomes much easier as you can work out how much water a second will be going down the drain and how big the pipes need to be etc.

As with most things reparation is everything and I have learnt over the years you can never be too organized.



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