Plaster boarding a design build and renovation project

Work on our extension has moved on and we are now at plaster boarding stage. The insulation is all up and stud work for the new entrance hall is taking shape.

We spent the weekend on our hands and knees taking up the old quarry tile floors. We will now lay a self leveling compound before the under floor heating goes down and we re-tile.

I’m in love with the utility, I knew it was going to be an amazing space but now that the wall between  it and the garage is in place and insulated you can really see the space which is left. I can see a wall of art, or space for a collection – those of you who know me well will know I’m a great collector! Minimalist just isn’t me! The world is my oyster.


Plaster boarding to the bathroom ceiling


Stud work which forms the new entrance hall

 Getting started on the Quarry tiles

Removing tiles from the hall floor

Removing tiles from the old shower room and looking glamorous in my vintage 1950s head scarf!

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