How do I add light to a dark space?

Colour brings out different emotions in different people so it is important to find colours which you are happy with and which you can live with. If a color jumps out at you on a colour card then go with it. Buy a sample pot and paint an artists board or a large sheet of lining wallpaper and put this in the room you are thinking of redecorating. Move it around to see how it works in different lights (daylight, lamplight etc) and in the corners where the room is darker.


Setting the scaffold in order to start the wallpapering in our hallway

Our hallway on our design build and renovation project is quite dark so I wanted to inject some light with the wall treatment I was using as well as with successful lighting. I have a rule for small dark rooms: never paint them white. They will be small, dark, dull rooms. Instead inject some humour with wallpaper or drama with paint colours.


Adding the Cole & Son wallpaper which adds drama

Our hallway and staircase is just such an example. Instead of painting it all neutral I have opted for a dramatic scheme as you come up the stairs. The tongue and groove at the bottom of the stairs is to be painted Farrow and Ball Down pipe, an almost black grey.

In these photos it has had the undercoat but not its top coat yet. The wall surrounding  the window has an amazing Cole and Son wallpaper in yellow with splashes of metallic. The upstairs hallway is painted in Little Greene French stone, a beautiful buttery yellow which complements the wallpaper but is not too strong that it couldn’t be used on the walls and ceiling which slopes into the eaves.

By adding the drama and darkness downstairs your eye is tricked into thinking it is lighter than it actually is upstairs thus adding light to a dark hallway. Where could you employ this technique to add some light and drama?

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