How to create a cosy home this winter

As we prepare to turn back the clocks it’s the perfect time to brighten up your home and beat the winter blues before they even start! There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your home takes advantage of every last bit of winter sunshine, remaining light, bright and welcoming over the next few months.

Rather than bemoan the lack of natural sunlight, see it as the perfect excuse to splash out on some new lighting. A cheerful table lamp will create a warm and welcoming glow so scatter them around your living room,  bedroom and hallway.


Or use a decorative piece like these butterflies to bounce light back into the room. Their natural pigments pickup light without a artificial light source within the dome.


Mirrored furniture like a beautiful chest of drawers or console table will catch every last little bit of sunshine, helping to bounce light around the room and instantly brighten up a dull corner.


Launches from the fabric houses this Autumn included some wonderful rich berry and jewel colours and some amazing velvets. The rich velvet textures are perfect for the winter months, but you don’t have to pick a dark shade. Choose a striking colour and combine the cosiness of velvet with a mood lifting colour which will beat any hint of winter gloom.

Place a light in front of a mirror and it will bounce the light back into the room as well as adding a different dimension to the décor in your room. 

A soft, inviting rug will instantly warm up your living room, but pick a soft cream shade and you will still get a bright and airy feel. Combine it with floor cushions or a luxury beanbag for cosy winter lounging.


Make yourbedroom cosy by layering lots of different fabrics and textures. Pile it high with layers of soft linen, velvets and silks, throws and cashmere blankets to create an inviting nest.

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