How to choose a Christmas Tree

It is finally here, no, not the frost and snow, the buzz of Christmas is upon us. This weekend we are going out to choose our tree.

If you were buying a tree 10 or 15 years ago you’d almost certainly have bought a Norway Spruce, they smell nice, they look nice but if not treated well they leave needles all over the floor!

Over the past few years we’ve moved away from these traditional trees and towards the Nordman Fir. They have larger, somewhat leathery needles and they hold on to them longer.  They have a slightly more tiered structure and look like a wedding cake when decorated. They’re also more expensive – not just because they hold their needles but because it takes an extra two years to get them to the selling stage.


Scotts Pine is the other obvious choice in this country. They have a conical shape and lots of needles which tend to be larger and therefore more dense. They’re also a beautiful blue colour.

This year I think all tress will be more expensive. This is largely due to subsidies for tree production being cut in the Nordic countries which has meant that fewer nurseries are growing them. On the plus side it means we will buy more British grown trees but as UK growers have been subsidised the costs will be higher than in previous years. It takes an awful lot of hard work and dedication over many years to grow a good Christmas tree so bear this in mind before bemoaning the price.


How to look after your tree

You really need to get your tree from the field and into its position in the house within two weeks of it being cut. During this time is will lose water but if you cut the end off the trunk to allow it to take up water it has the ability to re-hydrate itself. You can get proper stands which hold water but remember to keep them topped up. Once your tree dries out you’ve lost the battle. And be warned; a six foot tree can drink upwards of 3 litres of water a day!

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