Winter Watch

Well, winter has arrived. The roads are treacherous, the heating is on full and the wood burner has been alight too. I was going to write a lovely piece on the new Little Greene Wallpaper collection which they have just launched but yesterday I spent my afternoon in a ditch rather than in the office.


No, I’m not doing a piece for the BBC’s new Winter Watch bird watching programme. I was going to see a client with some beautiful garden design plans when I skidded on some snow as I went around a hairpin bend. Before I knew it I was in the ditch. It all happened in slow motion and, if I say so myself, was elegantly done!

Almost as soon as I got myself together I noticed a little Robin hopping around the hedge and keeping me company. Later a Wren arrived too so I could probably have done a special piece on Winter Watch. As I was pulled out I saw the Robin tug an enormous grub out of the ditch where the car had been so it was worth his company.

I was amazed at how many people stopped to check I was OK and to offer help. From Steve the first guy on the scene who asked the local framer to come and see if he could pull me out (unfortunately no – I had to wait for a recovery truck) to the guys at Adams Garage in Morcott who checked the car over and blasted the mud and stones from under the wheel arches. This is what living in a rural community is all about – people rallying together to look after each other. Thank you to all of you.

I wasn’t hurt and as I said to Mr H at the end of the day – the car is just metal, it’s people that matter: and that’s what the people of Rutland showed me yesterday.

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