In search of the Northern Lights

Sorry to have been quiet of late but it’s with good reason. We have just returned from a fabulous trip to Norway to take in the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights

We flew into Tromso which is the gateway to the arctic circle. From here polar explorers would set out and meet up again after their explorations. We flew in and were transferred straight to our boat which was not only taking us on the trip of a life time top see the Northern Lights but was the mail boat for the various small communities on the islands which surround the Norwegian Fjords.

northern lights

Tromso also has the oldest wooden church in Norway, actually a Cathedral, and the  famous modern arctic cathedral, actually a church!

Tromso Arctic Cathedral

Sailing along the coast from Tromso we went in search of the breath taking phenomenon which is the Northern Lights. They were displaying on our first night so we knew we were in for an amazing time aboard ship. Wrapped up in over 10 layers we braved the reducing temperatures (it got as low as -15) and stood on deck watching the amazing light displays.

In Hammerfest we took an expedition to the North Cape, the outer most point on the continent. The cliff top view was spectacular and you really feel like you are standing on top of the world.

Farthest North Point in Norway

At Kirkeness we took a husky sledge adventure with a team of huskies pulling our sledge around not one but two frozen lakes. We ended up back at the snow hotel where we have a look around before heading back. We could have visited the Russian border from Kirkeness we were so close. It is the only town in Norway where East meets West but instead we re-board the boat.

Husky sledge ride, Norway

Heading back to Tromso thoughts turn to returning home but not before a spot of retail therapy and some present buying for those we had left behind. More of this in a separate piece. For now it’s back to work and less layers as Spring may be on its way! Happy days.

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