Harlequin Landscapes Wallpapers, it’s like painting in the sky

Isn’t it funny how ideas come together. We have just returned from a trip to Norway where we went cruising in search of the Northern Lights. On one of our explorations on shore we came across a Norwegian interior store and just had to get our fix. It smelt of paint and wallpaper paste, of freshly sawn timber. I was in my element – Mr Hutchinson humoured me! And then I get back into the office and not only is the weather still replicating that of Norway, complete with 5ft snow drifts, but The Harlequin Studio has captured the essence of Scandinavian skylines in a new range of Landscapes. This is a striking contemporary collection of painterly, impressionistic and abstract non-woven wallpapers, which are all being launched this month.

interior design Lincs, Harlequin_Landscapes_12_LR

Wallpaper Plateau

Comprising 26 wallpapers across six contemporary designs, Landscapes is a modern collection, which encompasses artistic interpretations of patchwork fields, coastal seascapes, mountain ranges and rolling hills, all set against a backdrop of the horizon. They really do remind me of the landscapes we saw while cruising along the Nordic Fjords. Sometimes bleak, almost always snowbound but somehow beautiful.

interior design Oakham, Harlequin_Landscapes_11_LR

Wallpaper Tunturi

The collection evokes a feeling of harmony and tranquillity. Its freely painted motifs shade subtly, giving an impression of watery brushstrokes, whilst the understated colour palette plays with the idea of light and shade reacting  to each other. It is enhanced by gentle diluted tones mixed with stronger, earthy shades: ink and seaglass; sky and teal; smoke and charcoal; grass and mustard; pebble and slate; soft clover and amethyst; mandarin and pomegranate.

interior design Uppingham, Harlequin_Landscapes_Cover01_LR

Wallpaper Plateau

Each wallpaper makes a powerful statement in its own right, but can be combined equally effectively with other Landscapes designs or colourways to create a more personalised look within your own interior.

Interior design Oundle, Harlequin_Landscapes_01_LR

Wallpaper Vista

Interior design Stamford, Harlequin_Landscapes_06_LR

Wallpaper Vista

Interior design Northampton, Harlequin_Landscapes_02_LR

Wallpaper Plateau

new house interiors, Harlequin_Landscapes_09_LR

Wallpaper Tranquil

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