Trends in the interior, fashion and garden design world

I just love the way fashion, interiors and gardens are coming together these days. You can see trends emerging in one which then filters through to others. When we were in Norway earlier this year we found an amazing fashion shop in Tromso. They had a big pink tractor in the window which I loved. My camera came out and I was shooting away in the Moods of Norway store gathering inspiration for both my garden design and interior work. Pinks and oranges seemed to be on trend over there.

interior design oakham, Harlequin_Landscapes_Cover01_LR

Is orange going to be a big trend in interiors over the next year? The design houses believe so but I do wonder. Perhaps for some of us it has too many memories of terracotta interiors of the 1990s!
interior design Stamford, Norway 2013 620 (484)

That big pink tractor

 interior design Uppingham, Norway 2013 620 (490)

The tractor translates to shoes too!

Back in the UK, I see that similar colours have come through into our Spring wardrobes too. I just wonder if these pinks and oranges will translate into the designers’ gardens at The Chelsea Flower Show this May. It’s been a difficult year for plant nurserymen and I know a few designers who are worried about what they’ll have in terms of colour and plants for the show this year but as always. It will come together and we will see a fusion of design ideas to stimulate us in the year ahead.
garden design Lincolnshire, Norway 2013 620 (486)

I just love this wall

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