Designing small gardens


It’s that time of year when we all look at our gardens and wish we had thought about the design a little more carefully, and a little earlier in the year. But it is no good hurrying the process now. Small gardens in particular need to be planned with as much, if not more, care than large ones, so take your time.

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Think about how you want to use your garden throughout the year. Make a mental note, or draw a plan and mark on it where the sun falls during the day as this will dictate your seating and plant choices. Think about what features you want to keep, or not:  a stunning stone wall might be a major decorative feature, or perhaps you need to disguise a neighbour’s rather ugly fence.

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The trick to getting the best from a small garden is planning. Before you begin, you need to narrow your wish-list to your top priorities. In a bigger garden, for example, you might have a barbecue area; in a small garden, you may have to settle for a space for a portable barbecue and devise a storage plan when it’s not in use.

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I think small family gardens are often hardest to plan as you often want to get everything you’d have in a larger garden into such a small space. You probably still want a play area, some borders, a shed and a place to enjoy lunch or a BBQ.


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I work on interior design and garden design projects in Stamford, Lincolnshire, Oakham, Uppingham, Rutland, Oundle and Northamptonshire as well as further afield. I will design a garden to complement the architecture of your home and choose the right landscaping materials to complement it. If you are frustrated with endless searching for the right fabric or wallpaper and paint colours and overwhelmed with the enormous choice, then allow me to make a handpicked selection for you. I will complement the style of your existing rooms and provide a few choice pieces which will bring the whole look together.