How to make a small room appealing

Small rooms need a tad more thought on furniture placement and decorating. You need to remember to keep good proportions, lift things off the floor and create interest at several heights. Think about what you position at floor level, at waist level and above your head for a sense of depth. This is critical to ensure the space looks open and light.

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Here are some of my interior design tips which are easy to follow and won’t break the bank.

  • Keep it tidy! Clearing clutter always helps in seeing the wood for the trees! Make sure everything that is not decorating your room is cleared away in storage. For a bedroom, buy old suitcases and use them as storage! In a living room, ensure your side board or any other furniture has closed door on some of it, this hides the bits and pieces that do not add to your room’s relaxed feel.  If it’s not adding to the decoration and you haven’t used it in a year you probably never will so recycle it.
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  • Think tall and think less is more! Ensure curtains go all the way to the floor, this draws the eye from the floor all the way to the ceiling and will make the room taller. Do not use too many small accessories – a few larger pieces (even over scaled pieces) give balance and will make the room look taller and bigger. Use stripes in wallpapers. I love using vertical stripped wallpaper if I want to elongate a room.
  • Light it up! I love central lighting but in smaller rooms it takes too much space – it can be rather harsh and also the light pool makes shadows in the corners. Adding uplighters to create volume on the top part of the room is always a good idea. Add side lamps too which will create mood and drama. Dimmers help in creating a warm atmosphere too as you can choose the exact feel you want.
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  • Reflections! Mirrors add visual space and fool the eye into making a room feel light and larger. The lighting tips above will bounce off the mirrors too. Try placing one above a fireplace in a living room, place one behind the side lamps on side tables to reflect across the room. But also use reflective surfaces: glass, acrylic, glossed surfaces. It all helps light bounce around a room.
  • BIG or small furniture? No point buying that very large sofa or King sizebed if they swamp a room. Keep good proportions instead. A good tip is to cut out newspapers in the shape and size of furniture you have or want to buy, move it around and see how it feels. Ensure that not everything is touching the floor- allow for different heights in your furniture, this again keeps it light and off the floor.
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I work on interior design and garden design projects in Stamford, Lincolnshire, Oakham, Uppingham, Rutland, Oundle and Northamptonshire as well as further afield. I will design a garden to complement the architecture of your home and choose the right landscaping materials to complement it. If you are frustrated with endless searching for the right fabric or wallpaper and paint colours and overwhelmed with the enormous choice, then allow me to make a handpicked selection for you. I will complement the style of your existing rooms and provide a few choice pieces which will bring the whole look together.