Jobs in the garden in February

If you are lacking scent in the garden plant a flowering shrub now – try Lonicera x purpusii or Chimonanthus praecox ‘Luteus’. I love the scent of sarcococca by a front door as the scent assails you as you approach. It can be quite heady but at this time of year you just get a passing whiff!

garden design Lincolnshire

Cut back summer flowering clematis to about 18 inches of the ground to encourage them to come back into leaf and create a great display later in the year.

garden design rutland

If you didn’t put them in last Autumn, plant garlic, shallots and onions. They need a cold spell to get them moving so if the soil is unfrozen now is a good time to plant

If you’re lacking some structure or garden features now is the time to tackle it. February is a good month to dig a pond, add a bird bath or sun dial or create new paths. Avoid treading on wet soil as this compacts it and damages the structure. If you have to work on open soil, lay down planks to spread your weight – old scaffold boards work well for this.

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Remember keep tidy – rake and clear leaves to keep pests down, especially slugs


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