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Götheborg wallpapers: a voyage of discovery from Sandberg

You know me by now. You know I love a botanical look within any interior. You’d therefore know I was thrilled with the new Götheborg wallpapers from The Sandberg Studio.

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Calle:  With its distressed patina, Calle appears antique. It depicts collectors’ items from

various Chinese dynasties, dating as far back as the 10th Century when ceramics,

calligraphy and painting were flourishing.

Götheborg, is an evocative and imaginative collection that marries Linnea’s botanical themes with tales of travel to far-flung lands. The famous 18th Century Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus, bears much of the responsibility for bringing the world to Sweden. He was an enlightened man, who devised the binomial nomenclature (or plant names) we still use around the world today. He was constantly searching to broaden his knowledge and enhance his experience. His disciples travelled aboard the East India Company’s ship when it set sail from Gothenburg, subsequently returning home from China with not only vivid descriptions and actual specimens of foreign plants and animals, but also brim full of new impressions, cultures and fashions. Since that time, Gothenburg has continued to flourish as port of some note, embracing influences from China, India, Europe and America.

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Sara: Named after Carl Linnaeus’ wife, in whose room at their summer retreat near Uppsala

hang four hand-painted Chinese pictures depicting bookcases from an affluent Chinese home

(they are still there today). The shelves contain fine porcelain, cakes, fruit, flowers, rolled-up

prints, tea in beautiful boxes, ink and brushes, as well as a large number of books, some of them

well-known Chinese works. The four pictures have now been combined into one bookcase and

transformed into an eye-catching decorative paper, as well as a 100% linen fabric.


Götheborg celebrates the busy Swedish port, its heritage and the new cultures, people and ideas it has welcomed over the centuries.


Sandberg’s Götheborg collection offers a diverse and engaging selection of ten wallpaper designs united by the common theme of travel, its treasures and its experiences. It mixes screen-printed botanical motifs with stripes and checks, textured plains and a very on-trend, digitally-printed, trompe l’oeil bookcase design.

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Astrid: A plaid with a textured appearance, which picks up the theme of the

collection’s semi plain papers.

The colour palette is soft, earthy and chalky, in beguiling mixes of sandy beige, graphite and dove grey, pale azures and powdery blues, subtle jade greens enhanced with hints of exotic terracotta and intense cobalt.


You can’t get your hands on it just yet, it will be launched in mid August, but if you’d like some samples do get in touch.


If you have a garden, interior or landscaping project which you need help with or ideas for then please give me a ring: Alison 01572 747318 or 07973843020.

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Evert: A classic two-colour stripe, which acts as a bridge for the whole collection.

It enjoys a bold scale that is balanced by its understated shades.

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Going back to our roots

The use of archive material for fabrics and wallpapers has been a trend which has continued this season with many of the most influential fabric houses turning to their archives for inspiration. I was amazed at how many of these old, botanical, prints can take on a quite contemporary look when re-coloured to appeal to our tastes today.

G P & J Baker have taken the beautiful ‘Ferns’ design which was produced in the 1900s by Joseph M Doran. Produced in 1935 for 12 guineas the design is based on botanical drawings in Curtis’ Flora Londinensis (plants growing within 10 miles of London) between 1777 and 1798. It was such a popular design both in the UK and the USA that versions were reproduced in 1936, 1937 and then again in 1975.

For Zoffany the Gustavus wallpaper collection also takes a lead from nature and pays homage to the Gustavian style of Scandinavia. Core colours of creams, whites, blues and greys are warmed with the addition of earthy reds. The challenge, for the Zoffany design studio, was replicating the quality of the natural materials, inherent in eighteenth century Swedish interiors, for a contemporary market. By using modern printing techniques and rich opaque pigments the studio has captured the authentic textures of natural wood and rough plaster.

Albertine, based on a Drottningholm paper from 1782, has all the characteristics of a French 18th century silk with bouquets of roses set between striped panels intertwined with leaves. In interpreting this beautiful weave into wallpaper, two techniques were used; the stylized background pattern was first block-printed, whereas the bouquets and trailing leaves, evidently hand brushed, would have been painted on afterwards. Two different types of printing rollers were employed to achieve the same effects for the Zoffany Albertine wallpaper.

Since it was founded in 1860 Sanderson has worked with many prominent designers. The 2010 Spring collection has been selected to showcase the creativity and diversity to be found in its archive. One of my favourites, Early Tulips, dates from the 1920s and has been redrawn by the design studio and is now both a fabric and wallpaper. The bold coloured tulip heads are a clear indication that Spring is here.

If you would like samples of any of the fabrics or wallpapers detailed here or if you would like help or advice on an interior or garden project please contact me: Alison Hutchinson Tel: 01529 455048 or 07973 843020.